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About Us

Our History

We initially set up our first production facility at Good Prospect Factory Building in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong in January 1993. In May 1995, we set up another production facility in Shenzhen, PRC. During the period from September 1999 to October 2008, we had relocated all our productions facilities in Hong Kong to Shenzhen, PRC and maintained only office in Hong Kong until we relocated our Hong Kong office and resumed our Hong Kong production facility at our current location at Chai Wan, Hong Kong. From then on, we maintained production facilities in both Hong Kong and mainland China as our Directors consider that having production facilities in both locations would allow us to provide printing services to our customers in a more comprehensive and efficient manner. For instance, while our facility in Shenzhen is able to provide printing service for large quantity printing orders at competitive price, our facility in Hong Kong enables us to complete printing orders for certain national maps, politics and religion-related printing products, which are otherwise strictly regulated in the PRC.

Our Company

Our company was incorporated in Hong Kong as a private company limited. It has become one of the well-established printing companies in both Hong Kong and south China as the top management has sharpened very good edges and foundations to sustain the business growth at the very first beginning.

The management understands an ever success enterprise should have some unique features to build up and believes human resources management and tailor-made services are the key factors to bring our company standing against the competition and changing environment. Our company is headed by a team of professionals and technicians from Hong Kong who have sufficient experience in production, quality control and international marketing. They have full delegated authorities and modern management concepts to supervise all daily operations while the top management is able to focus on corporate strategic plans. At the same time our company sets up training centre and provides latest printing technology to all front line staff as to cope with higher level standard of quality and efficiency. Our company has been awarded ISO 9001 international quality management certificate and also set up an Internal Control Section to monitor the workflows.

Every customer has distinguished needs in printing products. In view to accommodate their particular requirement, our company has developed special team to work with customers in providing advice on designing, colour management, dummy or prototype making services to them. To maintain high standard of services, the management realizes the importance of production systems and equipment. We have made substantial investments in various production lines, such as latest models in printing, book binding & folding machines in order to cope with large quantity orders but have short lead time in completion. The company always keeps eyes on the market and continue to grasp the new technology as well as professionals in building up an enterprise that providing excellent book printing, packaging and advertisement production services to global customers

Business Ethics

Speedy – On time delivery service and up-to-date printing technology!

  • the company has equipped with fully automatic CREO CTP system. Customers only plug on the computer terminals or send CD to the company via web site, email, ftp etc. All the sophisticated printing requirements can be carried out easily through such advanced digital machine line.
  • direct access to Customs Bureau for on line declaration.
  • all raw materials and finished products are delivered to ultimate destination through chartered transportation companies.

Efficient – via advanced technology and capable management team to improve the efficiency!

  • the company has been awarded ISO 9001 as to prove its high standard in operations.
  • the company has set up most advance fully automatic printing and binding production line as to upgrade the production quality.
  • the company equip with a team of high spirit and professional management staff to supervise all activities of the company, within the team over 10 are senior and experienced printing technicians from Hong Kong.

Quality – Perfect, Prestige, Quality and Quantity!

  • the company has set up Sample Making & Design Section to provide creative design to customers.
  • the auto waste paper cleaning device, anti dust production environment and constant humidity digital & film storage room.
  • demand perfect and supreme high standard in products finishing to ensure good quality of products.

Trust – Accurate, Beliefs and Reputation!

  • we have mutual trust with all our customers no matter how large or small they are that we do our very best to serve them.
  • strong beliefs in our professional that we can provide prestige and long term relationship with our loyal customers.
  • the company has progressively built up solid foundation and trust with customers and market.
Awards And Accreditations

Our management’s commitment to excellence and the strong reputation of our company and quality of our products are evidenced by the awards and accreditations we received. The table below sets forth some of the major awards and accreditations we received:

Awards and Accreditations
Issuing Authorities / Organizations
發證機構 / 組織
2017.06.01 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2016
2016年 中銀香港企業環保領先大獎
Bank of China (Hong Kong) 
Federation of Hong Kong Industries
2017.01.17 Model Enterprise of the Year 2016
Residents Committee of Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen
2017.03.31 One of the Top 100 Cultural and Creative Companies in Shenzhen (2015-2016)
2015-2016 深圳市文化創意百強企業
Culture, Sport ad Tourism Administration of Shenzhen Municipality
2017.01.11 One of the Top 30 Printing Enterprise in Shenzhen of the Year 2015
2015年 深圳市印刷行業30強企業
The Association of Shenzhen Printing Industry
2016.11 Model Enterprise of Coporate Social Responsibility for Year 2016
2016年 企業履行社會責任示範單位
Henggang Subdistrict Office of Longgang District, Shenzhen
2016.03.11 Excellent Member Award of the Year
Shenzhen Graphic Society
2015.10.09 Recognition of Excellence — G7 Master Qualified Facility
International Digital Enterprise Alliance (Idealliance)
Advanced Printing Technology Centre Ltd. (APTEC)
2013 One of the “2013 China Top 100 Printing Enterprise
2013年 中國印刷企業100強排行榜
The Printing Managers Magazine 
2012 Hong Kong Printing Awards 2012
Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Publishing Professionals Society
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
2012 Silver Asian Print Awards 2012 Print World Asia Group
2012 2012 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award — The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book (Children's/Young Adult) Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)
2012 2012 Silver Winner (Children’s Nonfiction) — Nautilus Book Award Marilyn McGuire & Associates, Inc.
2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards — 2011 Silver Medal Winner/Non-Fiction Picture Book Jenkins Group & IndependentPublisher.com
Licences, Permits And Certifications

The following table sets forth a summary of material licences, permits and certifications relating to our business and operations which have been obtained by us:

Date of Issue
Date of Expire
Licenses, Permits and Certifications
Issuing Authorities / Organizations
發證機構 / 組織
2014.01.01 2018.03.31 Printing Operation License
Administration of Press and Publication of Shenzhen Municipality
2017.05.27 2022.05.26 Pollutant Discharge Permit of Guangdong Province
Bureau of Environmental Protection and Water Affairs of Longgang District, Sh$ 深圳市龍崗區環境保護和水務局
2016.03.07 2018.09.14 ISO 9001:2008
TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH
2016.03.07 2018.09.14 ISO 14001:2004+Cor.1:2009
TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH
2017.09.03 2022.09.02 FSC/Coc Certificates (FSC-STD-40-004 (V2-1)
FSC 監管(連鎖監控)體系認證
SGS Hong Kong Limited Systems & Services Certification
2017.05.20 2018.05.19 Certification of Compliance with the Code of Business Practice of International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI)
ICTI CARE Foundation 
2017.12.01 2018.11.30 G7 Certificate of Qualification
Idealliance China
2015.12.07 N/A Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate
AEO 認證企業證書
Shenzhen Customs of the PRC
2011.09.01 N/A Registration as a chemical waste producer
Environmental Protection Department, the Government of Hong Kong